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Hear Me Vent is the #1 must own book of the year.

Hear Me Vent.

Vents about Michael Jordan perceived number one status, LeBron or Kobe who will seize Jordan’s throne, is Bill Russell overlooked in the NBA, and topics that will shock and amaze you.

Who was really the greatest??? Bill Russell, Walt Chamberlain, Magic, Bird... it's got to be Jordan? Not according to "Hear Me Vent" he's not.

The new must have sport novel "Hear Me Vent" is not only controversial but UNIQUE, there has never been a book written like this in the WORLD.

Did you know Cleveland Cavilers fans think both LeBron James and Scottie Pippen a joke. read what didn't make the news, what the media is afraid to write about, along with many more outrageous topics.  

"Hear Me Vent" will shock and amaze you as you blissfully drift to reader's paradise. Expand your basketball knowledge with this shocking but truthful yet humorous book. It’s truly the must have book for any sport fan, add this controversial book to your collection TODAY.

Own The Most Controversial 
Sport Novel Of The Century
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It seems no one noticed Mr. Bill Russell and what

he has done throughout his illustrious career other

then myself and president Obama.


Bill Russell on the left, Kobe Bryant on the right and Michael Jordan seated comfortably in the Middle.

The original book cover is painted on canvas by artist Overstreet Ducasse, it’s the only one of its kind in the world making this book and your copy even more unique.

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